Pakistan Zindabad
Hacked BY Mr Cr4ck3r

So Indian Kids !!! Got PWned ???
Yes You Are Right ;) You Are Again Kicked By Team Pak Cyber Experts
We Have Already Warned You About Re-defacing Pakistani Sites But You Need Some Hard Fuck we guess
Kids Do SOmething New !! the Sites You are Defacing are already Accessed by dozens of hackers
Last time You hacked PPP site and We kicked YOur 2500+ sites
Today You Hacked Which was already been Hacked Many times So now Have Pay back for it too
So You've Been talking About Kashmir Right ?? o.O
Kashmir Was Always A Part of Pakistan And All the Kashmiris Are Our brothers !!! you Kids Are Just Day Dreaming
We are Silent But Not Yet Dead
Your Army Knows Itself that if they ever Try to Clash With Pakistan Army They Will Even Lose the part of India they have !!! ??
Because Muslims Fight for Their ALLAh not for wealth
India is Worth Nothing More than A Bitch To us

And You MR MODI infact MR Doggi You are the mastermind of Mass killing of Muslims in Gujrat
You are Killing Our Muslim brother By Firing At Line of Control On Demand Of US

Pakistan Zindabad Pakistan ARMy ZindaBAd
Kashmir ZindaBad

Doodh mango gy Kher dain gy Kashmir mango gy Cheer dain gy
kutto tumhara toh baap b kashmir ni rakh sakta
bhul gy kargil war & 1965 war tum logon ky ghar main
akr tum logon ko kutty ki mout di :D
tumhari army ki toh yeh ukat hai jab Pak Army ky hath aty
hain toh yeh he kahty hain "Bhagwan ky liye humain mat maro"